Jefferson Streetscape Task Force

Jefferson, Maryland

A project of  the
Jefferson Ruritan Club
in cooperation with
local organizations and residents
and the
Maryland State Highway Administration.

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Wish List as of 8/17/00


1 Architectural tie-in to suggest community
6 Bury utilities
1 Commemorative marker at 180 and Lander to replace tree that will eventually have to come down
2 Community Bulletin Board
1 Correct trees in road type hazards
4 Crosswalks
  1      Crosswalks, unspecified
  1      Crosswalks at light
  1      Crosswalks at Old Middletown
  1      Crosswalks at Post Office
1 Drainage pipe under Jefferson Pike at Jefferson Service Center needs to be larger
1 Elimination strait road
2 Flower boxes
2 Flowers
1 Improve Old Middletown Road/Route 180 intersection
1 Mini-park-foyers to blend sidewalks into church and business entrance areas
2 Park benches
1 Pavers for pavement
1 Possible buffer to minimize pedestrian hazard at St. Paul blind exit
1 Public kiosk
16 Sidewalks
  1      Sidewalks, unspecified
  2      Sidewalks both sides (2 miles)
  1      Sidewalks curbing and patterns
  3      Sidewalks to Community Center at Lander Road
  1      Sidewalks to Copperfield
  1      Sidewalks to Jefferson Market
  2      Sidewalks to Post Office
  4      Sidewalks to Valley Elementary
  1      Sidewalks with brick edging
1 Single side of road parking
1 Slow down traffic anyway possible
5 Street signs
  1    Street signs, unspecified
  1    Street signs on Holter Road
  1    Street signs on Lander Road
  1    Street signs on Route 180
  1    Street signs Welcome to Jefferson
1 Trees
3 Gas and Water lines (according to county long range plan)