Jefferson Streetscape Task Force

Jefferson, Maryland

A project of  the
Jefferson Ruritan Club
in cooperation with
local organizations and residents
and the
Maryland State Highway Administration.

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            WHEREAS, the County of Frederick (hereinafter, the County) is a Maryland county government body located in Maryland; and


            WHEREAS, the community of Jefferson (hereinafter, Jefferson) is an unincorporated community located in the County and under County jurisdiction; and


            WHEREAS, the main street of the Jefferson is known as Jefferson Pike, but is also known as Md. Rt. 180, a state highway; and


            WHEREAS the Maryland Department of Transportation (hereinafter MDOT) is planning street improvements for Maryland Route 180 and has contacted the County to discuss those improvements; and


            WHEREAS, prior to those discussions, a joint panel of County citizens residing in Jefferson and MDOT officials has proposed a concept plan for streetscape improvements for Md. Rt. 180/ Jefferson Pike including street and pedestrian walkway improvements, curb and gutter replacement, drainage improvements, sidewalks, handicapped ramps and a crosswalk with safety lighting; and


            WHEREAS, MDOT desires that the County join with it in a MDOT funded effort to design and implement the streetscape concept plan within the community of Jefferson; and


            WHEREAS, the Commissioners believe it to be in the best interests of the citizens of the County to enter a "good faith" partnership with MDOT in the MDOT funded effort to design and implement streetscape improvements on Jefferson Pike/ Md. Rt. 180 in the community of Jefferson


            It is, therefore, this           day of                       , 2002 by the Commissioners of Frederick County resolved as follows:


            RESOLVED, that the County join with MDOT in an MDOT funded project to include the design and construction of streetscape improvements on MD 180 within County limits: the extent of the entire project to run from Valley Elementary School eastward to Old Holter Road; and it is further


            RESOLVED, that the streetscape improvements shall consist of the following: the addition/replacement of curb and guttering, roadway resurfacing, drainage improvements, and pedestrian safety improvements such as sidewalk, handicapped ramps, a crosswalk with safety lighting and the construction of a new drainage structure on the south side of Md. Rt. 180, west of Old Holter Road,


            It is further RESOLVED, that this resolution shall constitute evidence of the County's agreement to join MDOT in a "good faith" partnership in an MDOT funded effort to design and implement the above described streetscape improvements along Md. Rt. 180 within the County limits in the community of Jefferson; and,


            It is further RESOLVED that the parties shall enter a supplemental memorandum of understanding to define the rights and responsibilities of each party to the partnership agreement at or prior to the completion of the design phase of the project. 



The Commissioners of Frederick County




DAVID P. GREY, President




JAN H. GARDNER, Commissioner




RICHARD B. WELDON, JR., Commissioner


RONALD HART, County Manager