Jefferson Streetscape Task Force

Jefferson, Maryland

A project of  the
Jefferson Ruritan Club
in cooperation with
local organizations and residents
and the
Maryland State Highway Administration.

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Task Force Members

Phase 3: Beginning September, 2013

The Task Force is open to new members.    Contact Jim Carpenter (301-371-5273)

The following people are on the task force:

Jim Carpenter - Chair
Price Kaler - Secretary
Adrienne Summers
Chris & Barbara Clark
Maurice Hoffmaster
Dustin Rice
George T Horman
Clarence & Barbara Horst
Carole Sepe
Mike Summers
John & Ellen Satterfield

Phase 2 :  Beginning February, 2005

See draft of  minutes of the Phase 2 kick-off meeting on the Meetings page.

The following people have expressed an interest in participating in Phase 2 of the Task Force:

  Amos Ben Ahalt        
  Mike Boyer
  Jim Carpenter
  Deborah DeMasse-Snell
  Dave House
  Gene Keller
  Andy Lynn
  Tony Poffenberger
  Brick Remsburg
  John Satterfield
  Harold Snell
  Adrienne Summers
  Mike Summers
  Rev. Guy Wenck

Phase 1: March 2000 - March 2002

  Name Position   Name Position
  Amos Ben Ahalt     John Lovell  
  Ronald Ahalt, Sr.     Mary McCormack Secretary/Treasurer
  Mike Boyer     Tony Poffenberger Web Site Committee & Publicity Committee
  Jim Carpenter President & Web Site Committee   Larry Putman  
  Joe Dade Meeting Arrangements   Brick Remsburg  
  Penny Eckenboy     Rosemary Rosensteel  
  Robert Hale     John Satterfield Database Administrator
  Shirley Hale     Charles Smith  
  Luther  Hargett     Kevin Smith  
  Connie House Publicity Committee   Adrienne Summers  
  Dave House Publicity Committee   Mike Summers  
  Gene Keller liaison to HSA   Rev. Guy Wenck, Chair of Publicity Committee
        Bobby Whipp Publicity Committee


State Officials & Project Contractors

The following people are from the State Highway Administration, Maryland Department of Transportation (or a contracting firm) and support streetscape projects in Maryland.

State Highway Administration
  Project Contractors
Dave W. Phillips
Transportation Engineer, SHA, MDOT
707 North Calvert Street
Baltimore, MD  21202
1-888-228-5003 ext.8823
David has been assigned to be our primary contact to SHA

E. Guy Stanton, A/E Group, Inc. (engineers/planners)

Mark Crampton
Assistant District Engineer-Project Development
    District Office
    5111 Buckeystown Pike
    Frederick, MD  21704
800-635-5119  x8159

Gregory Filar, Project Engineer
Nolan Associates, Inc.

David Coyne, District Engineer
District 7, SHA, MDOT

   5111 Buckeystown Pike
   Frederick, Md  21704

301-624-8101, or 1-800-635-5119

Replaces Robert L. Fisher, now District 6 Engineer


John A. Leslie, Project Engineer
Nolan Associates, Inc.

April Stitt
Traffic Engineer
District 7 Traffic, SHA


Dennis L. German
Asst. Div. Chief, Highway Design Division
410-545-8900, or 1-888-228-5092


Kenneth Wagester, R.L.A.
The Land Planning & Design Group, Inc.

TJ Spampinato, SHA Landscape


Frank E. Knapp III, SR/WA, SHA, MDOT
Division Chief
Right of Way District #7
MD State Certified General Appraiser


Matthew Parlakian
Engineer, Highway Hydraulics Division
707 N. Calvert Street
Baltimore, MD  21202
410-545-8395   Fax: 410-209-5031


Neil C. Parrott, Traffic Engineer
District 7, State Highway Administration
5111 Buckeystown Pike
Frederick, MD 21704


Mary F. Barse, Archeologist
Project Planning Division
707 N. Calvert Street
Baltimore, MD  21202
FAX: 410-209-5004

State Highway Administration
707 N Calvert St
Room C-400
Baltimore, MD 21202




Frederick County Government:

Al Hudak, Division of Public Works 

Mike Marschner, Director
Division of Utilities & Solid Waste Management
7303 Marcie's Choice Lane
Frederick, Md  21704 
                  Fax:  301-631-3418

Mr. Robert Shen, P.E., Office Chief 
Office of Transportation Engineering 

County web site: 

Joyce Grossnickle

John Mathias, county attorney

Utility Companies

Verizon:   Marie Bleclic 410-393-6078 

Allegheny Power:

Luther Cromer 301-694-4482 
Kevin Adelsberger 301-694-4492  and
Travis Turner 301-694-4402 are engineers covering Jefferson area
Bill Mann  301-790-3400

For further information, please contact Jim Buckalew or John Nesbitt, SHA Utilities Section at 301-624-8115.