Jefferson Streetscape Task Force

Jefferson, Maryland

A project of  the
Jefferson Ruritan Club
in cooperation with
local organizations and residents
and the
Maryland State Highway Administration.

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October 2, 2001
3719 Jefferson Pike
Jefferson, MD 21755

Frederick Board of County Commissioners
12 E. Church Street
Frederick, MD 21701

Dear Commissioners:

The Jefferson Streetscape Task Force would like to introduce you to our community project and to urge your support for this unique implementation of a program funded by the State Highway Administration (SHA). Although this program will not cost the county any money, your support is essential for the success of our project.

The attached document explains the mission, scope, history, and remaining tasks of our project. The project is nearing the phase where support from the county government will be critical. Various county offices will need to review the plans. Since Jefferson has no municipal government, the Task Force will rely on you, our county government leaders, to lend support in the ensuing competition for SHA funds.

The Task Force would also like to express our appreciation for the kind and generous support from the County Roads Board following our presentation in their June meeting. In particular, Al Hudak, from The Division of Pubic Works, has contributed valuable advice. We look forward to continuing support from our county government.


The Jefferson Streetscape Task Force

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James F. Carpenter, President  Mary McCormack, Secretary/Treasurer



CC Task Force Members: Amos Ben Ahalt, Ronald Ahalt, Sr., Mike Boyer , Joe Dade , Penny Eckenboy , Robert Hale , Shirley Hale , Luther (Shorty) Hargett , Connie House , Dave House , Gene Keller, John Lovell , Tony Poffenberger , Larry Putman , Brick Remsburg , Rosemary Rosensteel , John Satterfield , Charles Smith , Kevin Smith , Adrienne Summers , Mike Summers , Rev. Guy Wenck , Bobby Whipp


The Jefferson Streetscape Project

The Jefferson Streetscape Project is a cooperative endeavor between the Maryland Department of Transportation and the Jefferson Streetscape Task Force.

Mission and Scope

The mission of the Jefferson Streetscape Task Force is to represent the community of Jefferson in work with the Maryland Department of Transportation in a project to improve Jefferson's main street. The improvements are called "streetscaping" and include improvements to the curbs, gutters, and pavement of the roadway, as well as pedestrian safety, lighting, landscaping, and historical highlights along the roadway.

The scope of the project covers approximately two miles of Jefferson Pike (Route 180) and a quarter mile portion of Lander Road. The scope includes nearly 180 properties, both business and residential.

Accomplishments To Date (October 2, 2001)

The Jefferson Streetscape Task Force was formed in May of 2000, following a presentation to the Jefferson Ruritan Club by Robert L. Fisher, District Engineer from the State Highway Administration (SHA). Mr. Fisher described a state sponsored program, known as the "Streetscape Initiatives", designed to assist communities improve the appearance, safety, drainage, and traffic flow along their main streets. He showed slides from many of the Streetscape Projects to illustrate the improvements. He explained how nearly 100 communities in Maryland had initiated the program and how the programs operate.

Following Mr. Fisher's presentation, the Jefferson Ruritan Club decided that it would explore the possibility of starting a Streetscape project in Jefferson. The task was assigned to the Ruritan Environment Committee. It is noteworthy that Jefferson is the first unincorporated community in Maryland to initiate a Streetscape Project. Therefore, with the help of many other local organizations, a community meeting was held on May 22, 2000 that resulted in the creation of a task force committee. The committee consists entirely of local volunteers who elected officers from among their ranks, set their mission and operating procedures, and obtained a small amount of funds from the Jefferson Ruritan Club.

Since its first organizational meeting on June 5, 2000, the Jefferson Streetscape Task Force has met regularly each month. Accomplishments include the following:

  • Several walkthroughs of the targeted areas involving residents, Task Force members, engineers and an archeologist from MDOT.
  • Publicity campaigns, including door to door canvassing, public meetings, a web site, and a display booth at two Jefferson Ruritan Carnivals
  • Opinion surveys of property owners and residents
  • Assistance to SHA engineers in concept planning
  • Discussions with county officials and utility company engineers

Through public meetings and individual surveys, the Jefferson Streetscape Task Force developed an initial wish list and then proceeded to narrow it down to a set acceptable to all. The SHA engineers then drafted a set of diagrams that embody these requirements as much as possible, in compliance with state code. The Task Force has scheduled a series of six block meetings, each covering 15 - 30 neighboring properties, where owners and residents can give their feedback. The last block meeting will be held on October 15.

Remaining Work

After the block meetings, the SHA engineers will produce a new set of plans to address the desires and constraints expressed by the residents and owners. The new plans will need the consent of every property owner. The plans will be reviewed by county offices and utility company engineers. The SHA hydraulics engineers will perform extensive calculations to provide a sound drainage solution for the entire project scope.

It is expected that construction work may begin within two years, finishing well within the normal four year time span of these projects.

For more information on the work of the Jefferson Streetscape Task Force, visit our web site at