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Slides of home, Letty & Tucker SLIDE SHOW

 E-cycle & Doc Shredding event project for the community held on May 9, 201\5.  Results posted on http://JeffersonMd.net

Currently designing website for FrederickPeaceAndJusticeNetwork.org in WordPress (new to me).  I'll be converting all my websites to WordPress.  I need to find suitable WordPress themes.

Able & Willing work:  Fall Newsletter for Able & Willing.  Planning Puma's Kitchen and other fundraisers for building schools in Congo.  Helping to plan work projects in Congo.   To learn more about the work in Dem. Rep. of Congo, Mali, Cameroon and Kenya go to  http://AbleAndWilling.org.

I am involved with these organizations. 

(I created and still operate the web sites marked with ***)

http://AbleAndWilling.org  ***

http://JeffersonMd.net/Ruritan *** -  I've been a member of the Jefferson Ruritan Club since June, 1978 and have chaired the Environment Committee for many years.  Currently serving as president.

Mankind Project - completed training in June 2005. 

http://JeffersonMd.net *** - Home page for my town.

http://JeffersonMd.net/Streetscape *** - web site for a project to improve our main street in cooperation with Maryland Dept. of Transportation.  I've been the president of the citizens group since it was formed in May 2000.  Currently in Phase III, Final Engineering Design.

http://DAMA-NCR.org  - Washington, DC chapter of Data Management Association.  I was president for two years and helped organize several professional conferences and created their first website.


Our neighbors at the Old Lewis Mill have two great web sites, one for each of their businesses:



Here are some pictures that I saved from previous crash.

Low res pic of me.


My wife and I with dogs on our deck.
Our barn in winter. Me with Freddie and Kisimba in MYRT School, village of Tshamalale, Dem. Rep. of Congo